Have The Talk!

Stop the spread of aquatically transmitted species

3 steps to having the talk!

Understand the issue + prevention methods

Zebra and quagga mussels put several of the assets we treasure most as residents of the Okanagan at risk. Knowing what those risks are and how to prevent them will help maintain the beauty and unique character of our valley. If you know someone who boats, fishes and travels in and out of our valley with their boat or other water recreation equipment, ask what they’re doing to help prevent the spread. Make sure they follow the “Clean, Drain, Dry” protocol, and are stopping at watercraft inspection stations.

Download “The Talk Kit”

Help us keep Okanagan waters zebra and quagga mussel-free! Help spread the message. Have “the talk” with family, friends, and neighbours. Download all the resources you need to have “the talk” with everyone you know.

  • Boat Checklist
  • Social Media Graphic (Facebook cover photo)
  • “Our Beaches Are At Risk” Poster
  • Post Cards

Spread the message!

It wouldn’t take long for the mussels to get established once they arrive. Each female can produce about 1 million eggs per year. The mussels can be spread unknowingly by boaters, fishers and other well-meaning nature lovers. Spread the message on social media and help us get the word out!